NPRI Solution: Unemployment Insurance Tax

NPRI Solution: Unemployment Insurance Tax

Nevada has the fourth-worst UI tax system in the nation, according to a 2020 analysis conducted by the nonpartisan Tax Foundation.[2] This poor ranking reflects Nevada’s failure to assign the costs of the system in a fair and equitable manner, as well as the fact that costs are generally too high, particularly for new employers.

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The Silencing of Young Republicans

The Silencing of Young Republicans

We are at a turning point in society where we are seeing many young voters turning out to vote in unprecedented numbers. While young voters are becoming a voting force in college, there is underlying hypocrisy between political parties’ beliefs.
I witnessed this first hand when I became a political science major. I have been docked points on essays and other assignments solely due to my conservative beliefs. This in turn has silenced me during my remaining years here at UNR. Colleges today are asking conservative and republican students to choose between a failing grade for speaking out about their beliefs and conforming to the ideology that they put forth.
I have written essays on several issues but since they did not align with my professor’s views I received a lower grade than deserved. I know this because every critique written did not have to do with my skill of writing but instead my political opinions that I had integrated into the paper. While I attended junior college in California, I had written about the travel ban enacted by President Trump, which my professor solely referred to as the “Muslim ban”. I had also discussed the controversial topic of transgender individuals using the bathroom with which they identified. On each paper I received remarks stating that my sources were not correct even though I had a clearly formatted work and cited pages at the end of my paper.
Once I transferred to the University of Nevada Reno I had high hopes that different opinions could be discussed and debated maturely. Sadly, I learned early on this was not the case. In my first political science class at UNR, I attempted to try once more in expressing my views in the first paper of the semester. I discussed President Trump’s true views on immigration and his want for a road to citizenship for “dreamers” along with a strong border. Like before, my sources were questioned along with my individual opinion. In subsequent classes, we were able to hold class discussions at a much greater level than before except there only appeared to be one side of the aisle speaking. This is because only the students who fit the narrative felt comfortable enough to speak and express their opinions. Assigned readings in my classes that have anything to do with republicans or conservatives have either “white supremacists” or “racists” in the title.
Students are given such little information about the opposing side (Republicans) that they are only taught how to listen to one side. If this continues in universities our young and future voters will continue to be divided. Students should be able to learn and speak freely without the fear of failure and judgement. Today’s college professors should be required to teach a curriculum that is unbiased and balanced. Only then can students make informed decisions as this country’s future leaders.
*Note. This article written anonymously by a current UNR student because she felt in today’s climate on campus with liberal instructors may do harm to her grades and well-being.

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